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The Salesperson Everybody Loves
By Steve Fales, President, AdServices Inc.

Recently I was in need of a new accessory for my home computer system. I located a source for the product, dialed, and spoke to a salesperson. He described my options, took my order and sent an e-mail confirmation when the items shipped. I like that salesperson. He solved my problem and even helped me save a little money. I'll bet you've had a similar experience with a salesperson recently.

The salesperson everybody loves is a problem solver and an opportunity creator. He knows more about his product than anyone else, so he offers education and wise advice. She comes up with creative alternatives for accomplishing the objective, while reducing your expenses.

You and I, as salespeople, can be valuable resources to our customers. People will be eager to give us their business, because we're not "selling"... we're meeting real needs. By helping those with whom we speak on the phone – or across the dining room table – we can become the salesperson everybody loves.

Steve Fales is President of AdServices Inc., a full service advertising and marketing agency located in Hollywood, Florida. AdServices has been providing marketing ideas and solutions to the HVAC industry since 1998.

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