What is PBACCA?

The Palm Beach Air Conditioning Contractors Association (PBACCA) is a non-profit trade association of service to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors. Locally in the Palm Beach area the contractors are members of PBACCA.

PBACCA is has been an association for the trade for 40 years with a total membership of over 125 company members. Since its onset, the objects have been to promote and protect the interest and welfare of the HVACR industry, its members and the public which it serves.

In doing so, its members maintain the highest ethical standards of selling, advertising, pricing, installation, and service guided by the principles of honesty and integrity. While competing in our free enterprise system, the members of PBACCA share certain goals and aspirations designed to improve the quality of service and provided to the American people.

PBACCA and it’s members work with the with state and local agencies on formulating energy programs and policies.

PBACCA and its members stay in touch with the local utility companies on issues that affect the consumer.

PBACCA and its members work with local and state agencies concerned with licensing and inspections to maintain consumer safety and satisfaction.

PBACCA and it’s members work with local and state educational organizations in an effort to insure a steady influx of trained people in order to provide the consumer with the quality service they deserve.

PBACCA’s members are dedicated to:

  • instilling the highest respect for their profession within their community;

  • complying with all local codes and regulations;

  • upholding the highest ethical standards in selling, installation and servicing cooling and heating equipment;

  • yielding an excellent policy of consumer relations and upholding the policies and warranties of the manufacturer;

  • carrying the proper liability and workman’s compensation insurance to avoid risk to the consumer;

  • contributing to consumer education through agencies such as local consumer affairs offices;

  • maintaining the proper state and local licenses for the consumer’s protection.

PBACCA Training
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PBACCA Membership

Some good reasons to join PBACCA:

  • Industry Representation
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Education & Training
  • Latest Industry News
  • Trade Shows
  • Money-Saving Services
  • and much more…
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